5-A, Novogospitalnay, st №414

All 4/5-room apartments
Number: 414
District: Pechersk
Address: 5-A, Novogospitalnay, st
Rooms: 4
Price per day: 156 € (4290 uah)
Action: 109 € (2997 uah)
per month: 3045 € (83737 uah)
Class: Lux

Description:   Dear guests, welcome to Kiev! The apartment has designer renovation in may 2017, were used only modern and high quality materials. The apartment is perfectly located in the centre, near Pechersk metro station. 4-room luxury apartment, 3 bedrooms + a sofa bed (maximum 7 people), two bathrooms, Jacuzzi , shower, 3-air conditioning, internet wifi, cable TV. 1 floor, elevator, 2 balconies.

Sights:   The location is very convenient. The distance is same to the Khreshchatyk street, Kiev-Pechersk Lavra and botanic garden. Near is the underground, in 1 min on foot. There are a lot of good cafes on 24, Lesi Ukrainky boulvard such as Katusha. 19, Lesi Ukrainky boulvard “Eurasia restaurant .”

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16.08.2021 23:19 Mattemela


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13.11.2017 22:22 Артур и Карина

Заселили родственников на свою свадьбу, они просто в восторге, квартира очень чистая, ремонт свежий, продумано все до мелочей, полотенца и белье белоснежные и пахли свежестью, комнаты просторные, коллектив очень оперативно и отзывчиво работает. Спасибо огромное!

09.05.2017 22:13 Stive

The apartment is clean, modern, and comfortable. I loved my stay at this place and would recommend it.