7, Mechnikova st.

Price per day: 54 €
Action: 37 €
Comments: 87

24, Lesi Ukrainki boulevard (2)

Price per day: 72 €
Action: 50 €
Comments: 0

5-A, Novogospitalnay, st

Price per day: 72 €
Action: 50 €
Comments: 13

14-b, Klovsky descent

Price per day: 49 €
Action: 34 €
Comments: 1
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Our company has been in the daily rent market since 2003 and provides full-service in renting apartments in Kiev. By contacting us, you will save time, money, and you will feel like you are at home. If you want to visit Kiev for tourism or business trips, we offer you a wide selection of apartments in the city center to suit different tastes.

The company's staff involves 10 skilled workers who can help you with a choice of housing, provide you with complete information about the apartments you are interested in and the order of booking , they will meet you at a convenient time for you in our apartments. We also have a full-time driver who can meet the client at the airport and drive you to your apartment for the extra fee of  240 UAH (30 USD).